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Privacy policy

Who are we?
iFunds Asset Management Ltd (iFunds) is a limited liability company incorporated in England and Wales (Company No: 2442391) and is a data controller under the General Data Protection Regulation.
iFunds is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) under Z7811684 and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registered in England and Wales, No. 565311.
Given the scale and nature of our operations we are not required to appoint a Data Protection Officer. If you have any questions or require further information on this policy please contact the Compliance Officer, iFunds, The Technocentre, Puma Way, Coventry, CV1 2TT.
What information will we collect from you?
iFunds collects data from employees, clients, intermediaries and investment platforms.
We process the following personal data including but not limited to:
- Personal details (name, address, e-mail and telephone numbers)
- Family lifestyle and social circumstances
- Financial details
- Business activities of the person whose details we are processing
- The investment services provided and the investment strategy adopted
- Data to prove client identity or the identity of shareholders or directors
We may process sensitive information in relation to a client’s physical or mental health where the client is deemed to be a vulnerable client or if there is a power of attorney on the account.
Data from employees is used for payroll and HR management purposes.
How will we use the information?
Data collected for clients will be used to set up an investment account and to verify their identity in accordance with anti money laundering requirements.
On an ongoing basis data collected will be used to support investment management services and to report on investment performance in line with the agreed strategy. Investment Services are provided in accordance with our general terms and conditions (a copy of which can be provided on request).
iFunds also, from time to time, provide relevant updates on our investment strategies to clients and intermediaries and also send invites to seminars and presentations to intermediaries.
If, at any time, you wish to stop receiving updates or invites you may unsubscribe by clicking the relevant link or by e-mailing [email protected]
How secure is your data?
Once received, any data is scanned and kept in electronic form. Paper records are shredded within 12 months.
We have in place a separate IT security policy to protect the personal data that we hold from:
- Unauthorised access
- Improper use or disclosure
- Unauthorised modification
- Unlawful destruction or accidental loss.
The policy covers who can access the iFunds network, password protocols, back up procedures and the encrypted transfer of any personal data by e-mail
Who will we share the information with?
Client data will be shared with the client’s intermediary. It will also be shared with the platform provider where the investment portfolio is managed. There may also be occasions when we are required to share data by law e.g. the protection or detection of crime or fraud or as demanded by the FCA.
We do not actively transfer data outside of the EEA. It is, however, possible that data on our IT network may be held on Microsoft cloud servers which are physically located in parts of the world outside of the EEA.
How long will we keep your information for?
We will keep your information, in electronic form, throughout the period of time that we do work for you, or have an ongoing business relationship, and afterwards for a minimum period of six years.
What rights do you have?
You have a series of rights under the General Data Protection Regulation including the right to access a copy of the information we hold about you. Further information on this issue can be obtained from the Compliance Officer iFunds, The Technocentre, Puma Way, Coventry, CV1 2TT.
Who can you complain to if you are unhappy about what we have done with your information?
If you are unhappy about the way we are using your information then initially you should contact iFunds Compliance Officer, The Technocentre, Puma Way, Coventry, CV1 2TT and if your complaint remains unresolved then you can contact the ICO, details are available at
 iFunds Asset Management Ltd
24th May 2018